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Director:Shinichiro Ushijima

Writers:Shinichiro Ushijima/YoruSumino

Stars: Mahiro Takasugi /Lynn
Type: Animation,   Drama
Release date: 2018-09-01( Japan )


Oneday, I, a high schooler, found a paperback in the hospital. The "DiseaseCoexistence Journal" was its title. It was a diary that my classmate,Sakura Yamauchi, had written in secret. Inside, it was written that due to herpancreatic disease, her days were numbered. And thus, I coincidentally wentfrom Just-a-Classmate to a Secret-Knowing-Classmate. It was as if I were beingdrawn to her, who was my polar opposite. However, the world presented the girlthat was already suffering from an illness with an equally cruel reality...

吉 光 片 羽