The year must see inspirational blockbuster 《creed 2"》north American Thanksgiving Day audience recei

Fans around the world are looking forward to the release of the inspirational drama "creed 2" in North America on Thanksgiving Day.

To begin immediately, the film score in each big film professional website red all the way up, not only in the movie the professional web site IMDb score gains as high as 8.3, a breakthrough in the opening game of rotten tomatoes hit out of the 82% of high freshness and 96% of high audience rate, instantaneous beyond the Bohemian rhapsody on the highest audience rating throne in North America this year!

At the same time, the rating has been upgraded to must-see with halo and aura. Each aspect performance is extremely outstanding, the strong fist opens, the sharp edge displays.


吉 光 片 羽