Love story "2:22" is set for Jan. 26

The movie "breaking clock 2:22", which was introduced by China film group corporation and released by China film co., LTD., was officially released on January 26 and released on posters. The film tells the story of air traffic controller dylan branson (Mitchell hasman) who discovers his ex-lover in the secret behind "2:22". This exposure of the poster, not only shows the film protagonist's high level of appearance, high-tech and burning brain also let people very curious. At the same time, micheal hasman, who once ranked first in the world in terms of physical appearance, and telesha palmer, the heroine of hacksaw ridge, ignited their love fire by virtue of their super high level of physical appearance and beautiful body. It is expected that the arrival of the film in the mainland will cause a high level of appearance CP craze.

Super high appearance level CP flirts with each other who with contend 2:22 or is the movie's biggest clue

As a love story with a super high level of appearance, the movie "breaking clock 2:22" has the same level of appearance as the heroine Theresa palmer. Among Hollywood actresses, Australian beauties account for half of the total. Among them, Kate Bryant, Miranda Kerr and nicole kidman are known as the "big devil", and they have been praised by western media as talisar palmer, who is the new flower of Hollywood. She not only won the hacksaw ridge title for her good looks, but also won the title for her role in the movie warm zombie.


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