Healing is a Japanese film "diary of a lemming cat" is expected to be introduced into China.

"The diary of a travelling cat" directed by mikimaki ichiro, there is a kawakami peace miyoko screenwriter, fushi cang tide, takahata chong hi, komi hirose, ohno takahiro and other people starring the cure series cat drama film, the film has been released in Japan on October 26, 2018.

The main story is about tsundere stray cat nana (lucky seven) by wu (fushi cang tide act the role ofing) after saving, in the shovel excrement official wu wait under the happy cat. A man and a cat have spent several years of warm time, but suddenly one day the owner wu wants to send nana to someone else to foster, without waiting for nana's reaction, he is led to embark on a journey by wu. Through Hokkaido, over Mount Fuji, to visit old friends, to discover the unknown past. Until the end, nana learned why wu to send themselves away the truth, but still to the story of wu never abandon.

The film is expected to introduce domestic, let us together look forward to this simple story, but use plain beautiful depiction of the stray cats nai nai adrift, but enlightenment on yu to time the shovel excrement to the officer, and let the cat is no longer a pet, but the existence like family, each other heart, sincerity in the same way, in the limited time, sharing the rainbow of life, pain and leave all let not the cat slave audiences watch the movie also tears stream down!!!!

吉 光 片 羽